This question is not so easy to answer. In order to create optimal growing conditions for the plants, the sun is artificially simulated - that requires electricity. However, we use one of the latest vertical farming technologies: our low-voltage multispectral lighting requires less electricity than that of other farms.

Besides, we put a lot of focus on getting our energy from solar energy supplied by Greenman Energy as fossil fuels or other traditional energy sources account for most of the CO2 emissions.

The advantages of vertical farming are many. For example, vertical farming comparatively requires up to 95% less water. Because of tiered cultivation, one needs much less land than in open field cultivation. In addition, vertical farms can also be operated in urban areas. This shortens delivery routes and thus saves CO2 emissions. More of the advantages can be read here.

A vertical farm is a closed and controlled environment where plants grow vertically in a tower structure. That structure saves space horizontally.

In a vertical farm, traditional soil is not used in planting. Instead, aeroponics (where plants are cultivated in the air with the help of an aqueous nutrient liquid) and hydroponics (water-filled containers) are used. The light is generated with the help of special LED lights that simulate the light spectrum of the sun. Furthermore, the growth of crops within the tower is optimized as we can control the climate.

Since we grow hydroponically and do not use soil, our plants do not have official organic certification. However, as our crops are completely chemical-free - meaning we do not use pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides, nor do we use chlorinated water for washing - they are equivalent to organic quality plants.

Yes. Due to the light spectrum, it is always "sunny" in a vertical farm meaning we provide ideal conditions for our plants to grow. Since we can control the environment, we are able to grow sustainable plants all year round - no matter the weather.

All of our greens are pesticide-free and grown in a clean controlled environment without the use of soil. Depending on your preference, our produce can be eaten directly or rinsed briefly.